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Ella Hughes Gets Naked On The Desk Fantasizing About Been Used

I see them watch me! That's most of the men in my office, that don't seem to be able to take there eyes off my young pert nipples that you can just about see through my ivory lace top and my ivory lace thong, that if you look closely enough shows a glimpse of my pussy lips every time I uncross my legs to take my orders from the boss.

Watching these men trying hard not to look at me, turns me on, if only they new what happens when the offices closes and my pussy is so wet from the thoughts that have been running through my head. So wet that I can't help but grab for my pink dildo that I slowly push between my wet, cute pussy lips, and into my young tight pussy, feeling every inch of it while I push against the office boxes behind me. I'm thinking about been bent over the desk, my knickers ripped down and a big hard cock shoved up me, he wants me so bad that he starts to orgasm and the strength of his cock in me makes me start to cum with him!