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Hippie girl gets dominated for the first time and rough fucked

UK Milf Sasha’s friend kept telling her how great her boyfriend was. He spoiled her and did naughty things to her in bed and he had the biggest cock she had ever seen. She made Sasha jealous and she told herself she wanted to get a taste of what her friend enjoyed on a regular basis. She flirted with her friend’s man and was surprised how comfortable he was with it and how he loved what he did. He took over and flirted with her. He invited her for a booty call and she did not hesitate as she knew what to expect. If you know Pascal as well as Filthy Britain does, you know he does a great job on his sluts and leaves them wanting for nothing and sends them home well fucked in all holes.

When they met, there was fireworks. He licked her pussy like she had never had it licked before and she was dripping wet by the time he was done. She was begging to be fucked but he was ready yet. He licked her nipples and that drove her wild. He then got her to suck his dick hardcore style before she finally got what she wanted. He fucked her slow and made love to her before he changed gears and fucked her like a slut. He drilled her and she came multiple times before he came himself.

Gallery from: Pascals Sub Sluts

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