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Stella Cox lubed up and fingered while on holiday in Portugal

It doesn't get much more sensual and erotic than when two lovely lesbians get to do anything they want. That is why these two brunettes put on quite the show having fun during their summer vacation. Dashing Stella Cox and adorable Francesca DiCaprio found themselves a secluded place on an outdoor terrace and decided to enjoy relaxing massages. Stella was the first one to lie down, completely naked, and give Francesca initiative. It didn't take much for Francesca's hands to start wandering up and down Stella's slim yet curvy body. Knowing her girlfriend well, Stella was already getting wet, even before grabbing a bottle with oil and pouring it all over herself.

Her smooth, trimmed pussy became even more slippery under her girlfriend's soft hands and playful fingers. Just moments later, Stella was moaning in pleasure while having her clit rubbed. The situation quickly escalated, and gentle rubbing turned into vigorous fingering that ended in a first, intense orgasm. After cumming, she grabbed the hand that brought her over the edge and passionately slobbered the fingers all over, tasting her pussy juices, and enjoying the aftermath. Now, it was the other chick's turn, so they switched. Francesca, however, laid on her stomachbuttplug, giving a hint that her tight, pulsating asshole was aching for fingering. Her anal orgasm was just the beginning as these two kinky hotties had something much naughtier in store.

They ended up in the backyard, where Stella acted as an obedient kitty for Francesca. She wore a furry buttplug and erotically crawled around on all fours on a leash while the other brunette commanded her what to do, even pouring milk for her. From there on out, pet roleplay continued with plenty of kinky lesbian lovemaking where master dominated her slaved for extreme mutual pleasure.