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Video from: Pascal's Sub Sluts

Loula is a proper dirty slag who's always wanted to be a porn star. Ever since she was old enough to start watching Pornhub she's been obsessed with cock. She's addicted to cum and loves tp be treated like a little cum whore and that's exactly why she's turned up at Pascals. Not only does she want to be a porn star but she wants to be the filthiest porn star in the UK and that's why we at Filthy Britain just love Loula. Just look at that pink pussy, you can tell straight away how abused it's been. Pink sore from constant cock filling it with cum.

Chubby girl but flexible. Pascal has her down on the floor doing the splits. You can see she's trying to impress and you can stink the scent of wet ...continue reading "Loula Lou roughed up, abused and fucked by Pascal"

Lacy is in a mood to show off her tight and sexy body to the camera. She loves being able to share every single inch of herself with as many people as she possibly can. That’s why she’s always posing. She wants her pictures to go to as many people as they can. The more orgasms she’s responsible for, the hotter she always gets. That’s why she’s starting in nothing but her tiny panties and a pair of heels. Her tits are perfect and on full display for everyone to see and enjoy. The sensations inspire her to start to go even further.

She reaches down and slowly peels off her underwear. She keeps her pussy perfectly shaved so it’s completely bald. After she slips her panties off over her heels, she leans back to give a view that no one will ever forget. Then she spreads her legs wide to let her pussy get on the camera. It’s wet and she can’t help but slowly reach down to play with it a little bit. She uses her other hand to massage her own tits. The result is a powerful orgasm right on the stairs and in front of the camera. ...continue reading "Dirty Essex Milf pulls down her panties for some homemade fun"